“Never seen before that I can use different applications within one concept, I think it is very interesting”
“Now my kid can get an education on any topic very easily, at a low and highly competitive price”
"A foundation that helps our youth, that I have never seen before in an application development company”
"The JOINtoGO app gives me the opportunity to meet others, while doing what I love the most, cycling and making wine”
“I would love to use the transport application for my next market place purchase”

Business Portfolio

  • Join others or let others join you for any sports and social activity you have in mind
  • Businesses can reach you in a smart way
  • Look for great offers and events from businesses in return
  • Everything can be done locally and abroad
JOINto Foundation
  • JOINto Social Responsibility
  • Supporting educational purposes everywhere we can
  • Enable an active and social life style for young people
  • Make our contribution to the society that has supported us

About JOINto

JOINto Mission

Social Responsibility

Innovative Applications

Great Opportunities

Virtual & Physical Worlds Meet

Add Value To Your Life

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere


Just Social Responsibility

  • JOINto intents to give back to the community, and from this perspective we are creating JOINtoFOUNDATION as a separate entity within the JOINto concept.
  • By doing so, we are making sure that a certain percentage of the JOINto revenue is allocated for societal purposes, such as educational development, social engagement, and sports activities, for the benefit of the young.
  • We wish to support an active and social lifestyle, and seek to make our contribution to society that has supported us.
  • Additionally, we intent to make it possible for projects and initiatives alike, to apply for economical funding in the future, make it possible for others to give to the foundation, and make JOINtoFOUNDATION the mediator of donations.
“really brilliant to incorporate smart contracts within the transport business”
“It gives us as a business, the opportunity to direct our events and sales to the right customers”
“I would love to use the educate application as this connects me in a smart and simple way! – Love the concept”
”Fantastic idea to get things transported; for the benefit of customers and businesses”

Platform Technology

Built on the Blockchain

Transactions on the JOINto platform are built and protected by Smart Contracts on the Blockchain.

Mobile Applications

Enjoy limitless mobility, and use the JOINto apps whenever and wherever you like.

Cloud Infrastructure

The platform and the data are hosted on a flexible cloud infrastructure that abides by strict data protection regulations.

Digital meets Analog

Digital apps on a smart platform that improve the experience of real life, physical activities.

Product Roadmap

  • Initial idea development and fundamental analysis of market conditions incl. interviews
  • Marked analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Entering Business Partnership with C&Advisors (www.c6advisors.com)
  • Entering Business Partnership with Media Group World Wide (www.mediagroupww.com)
  • Expanding and strengthening the management team
  • JOINto White paper content definition. 
  • Accounts created on major social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • JOINto.com Webpage development.
  • Bringing in relevant and important advisors and an Ambassador for the JOINtoFOUNDATION.
  • Entering Business Partnership with Sate Development (www.satedev.com)
  • (May) Entering Busniess Partnership with Penso Pay concerning the JOINto payment solution for all JOINto applications (www.pensopay.com)
  • (May) Incorporation of JOINto AG
  • (May) Starting the planned marketing campaigns.
  • (May) Product development of JOINtoEDUCATE is initiated
  • (June) White Paper finalization.
  • (June) Marketing Announcement to create a starting awareness of JOINto.
  • (JULY) Product development of JOINtoEDUCATE is initiated.
  • (JULY) Product Development of JOINtoGO is initiated.
  • (JULY) Product development of JOINtoTRANSPORT is initiated.
  • (DEC) Launch of iOS and Android JOINtoEDUCATE app.
  • Marketing of JOINto and JOINtoEDUCATE is increasing.
  • FINMA filing
  • Implementation of token usage in applications.
  • FINMA conlusion on JOINto white paper
  • Initial Token Offering final stage and closure.
  • Launch of iOS and Android, JOINtoGO app.
  • Launch of IOS and Android, JOINtoTRANSPORT app.
  • The JOINtoFOUNDATION is set up and the organisation driving the foundation is lined out.
  • Geografical expansion.
  • Continued marketing campaigns of JOINto businesses in all areas.
  • JOINto increases market share and continued geographical expansion.
  • Looking into new opportunities and new technology for further product development of current and new products.
  • Continued development of new JOINto businesses connceting people to great opportunities which will benefit the users of the JOINto applications and the Jto token holders.


RUne Goldschmidt Ruders

Founder & CEO

People Manager with great experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a Director

Educated at Copenhagen University (Cand. Pharm.)

Certificate of Business Administration, Copenhagen Business School.

Project Management and IT Validation

Andreas lyngholm poulsen

Partner & CTO

Vast experience with programming and app development for companies in Denmark. Has more successful startups and working to make artificial intelligence (AI) better and improve the quality and accuracy of facial recognition

Peter Kristensen

Co-founder & CIO

30 years of Finance and Investment Experience e.g. Saxo Bank. 

CEO & Owner of JPFS Financial Services Ltd. 

Advisor for Modex, X8 Currency, and Covesting 

Extensive ICO Expertise.

Marco van der Weijden


More than 20 years of experience with projects and business ventures within IT. Heavily experienced IT project manager, and has gained deep insight to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Mika Romanoff


Private Equity, Risk Manager for Byron Capital Partners Ltd. ICO & Blockchain Advisor – Partner, C6 advisors AG. Very knowledgeable within finance and company structuring as well as cryptocurrency handling opportunities.

Strategic Business Partners

C6 Advisors is a premier provider of full-service Blockchain & ICO implementation and financing solutions. JOINto and C6 Advisors have decided to enter into a general partnership for the Initial Token Offering project. Which includes creation of the White Paper; Marketing & Communication; Engineering of the Smart Contracts, Token Architecture and ITO Dashboard; Legal & Compliance; and ensuring Credibility & Governance according to industry best-practices.

Click to visit website.

Sate Development is a global Blockchain Technology Service provider serving clients across more than 10 countries, and counting. Sate Development has had many accomplishments and won several accolades internationally as well as domestically for being an industry leader; and continues to be ranked consistently as one of the top 10 in India. The team comprises of software engineers, business developers, growth hackers, marketing experts, management consultants and crypto experts.

Click to visit website.

DISPRUPTIVE is a purpose-built PR agency, with experienced team member in the world of PR and media influencing. They bring their clients fast, fluid & flexible, digitally-integrated PR for search engine visibility, connecting innovators & game changers  with their key audiences and market influencers, and also expertise in working with disruptive brands & ICOs.

Click to visit website.

MediaGroup Worldwide is a data driven, research based marketing agency. A truly international agency, MediaGroup’s head office is in Switzerland, with a presence in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, London and Hong Kong. JOINto and MediaGroupWorldWide have entered into a partnership for the deveopment of the Whitepaper and other relevant marketing needs.

Click to visit website.

Aprender Sobre Bitcoin is a very popular blog that provides a valuable contribution to the Portuguese speaking crypto communities around the world. JOINto works with the team at Aprender Sobre Bitcoin as the media partner in the Portuguese speaking countries for sharing information about JOINto

Click to visit website.

PensoPay delivers a complete payment solution consisting of a payment gateway and acquiring account. The two components are technically provided by their partners. Together, they guarantee the highest level of security and ease of use, and not least that the solutions are commercially proven. Their expertise covers everything from CMS, webshop-operation and particularly card payments globally.

Click to visit website.

Ambassadors & Advisory Board

James P. Cain

U.S. Ambassador (Ret.) Principal, Cain Global Partners, LLC. 

Facilitates international business transactions for over 100 Fortune 500 companies. A best selling author and a public speaker on topics from global trade to international business.

Dinis Guarda

CEO and Founder lifesci | Advisor at Glance Technologies and Covesting. 

One of the top Crypto experts in the world and top 100 most influential within Fintech.

Pedro Borges

Entrepreneur, Cofounder and CEO of Carlicity, Owner Aprender Sobre Bitcoin. 

Great experience within ICO, Crypto and finance.

Jeppe R. Stokholm

Ph.D. in International Taxation

His area of expertise is corporate affairs, including Crypto Law, Venture Capital, Private Equity and International Tax Planning.

Paul Mears

CFO at ModexTech, Board Member MoneyMailMe.

Serial angel investor with a strong focus on innovative start-ups within the blockchain industry. 

Experienced entrepreneur and crypto investor.

Sean Phillips

Cofounder Fitness First, Founder Omni Fight Club. 

Business man by heart and a senior executive with 35+ years of management experience across the world

Mikkel Thorup

Founder of CTA Strats

A progressive investment professional with more than 25 years of experience in top level banks, combined with running a independent trading & advisory business for the last 2 decades.

Toke Kruse

Entrepreneur, Owner and founder of Billy, Bilagscan 

A successful and innovative businessman and author. Well renowned within the start-up environment.

Søren Sepstrup Lønkvist

Global Vice President TenCate Advanced Armour

Vast international leadership experience as CEO and providing Accelerated Value Creation and accelerating company strategies, performing leadership/management improvements for companies such as A.P. Moller-Maersk, IBM, Deloitte, Nestlé, etc

Morten Gottrup

CEO & Partner MediaGroupWorldwide. 

Very experienced within marketing, branding and attention making of new and already established brands and businesses.

Tobias T. Petersen

Client Director House of Codes

Experienced application developer and UI/UX   advisor as well as development and project management 


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