Connect for real social activities

The social connections we have are centered around our friendships, work relations or the things we do in our sparetime. However, when you want to be active, try something new or just be spontaneous then we often end up at a dead end as our current connections might not have that exact same interest, drive or feel for the same.
Therefore we have now opened up the world for you giving you connections wherever you are in the world locally as well as abroad on business trips, vacation with family or travel alone.
Use the JOINtoGO application which is soon to be launched by JOINto, and create social activities such as sports, for kids and even if you are a trainer looking for people to train and if people are looking for a training opportunity.
You can connect through your interests to others with the same interest. It can be your neighbor down the road or someone in the city you are traveling to next week.
Enjoy the opportunities of connecting to other people and enjoy your favorite activity from beer making to cooking to sports activities of all genres.
Create or join u decide.
Let us open the world and embrace the equality through the things that drives us all forward individually.
JOINto connects you for a real social life.